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10 years a degen

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  Smuft, Aug 22 2016

Since the tech threads usually get a lot of attention and good advice thought this would be a good place to ask:

Which monitors are worth considering for poker?

- not for gaming so I don't care about >60hz refresh rates
- higher resolutions are better but I'm not married to getting 4k if there are high quality good value options at lower resolutions, although 4k is preferred
- viewing angle is important so only the best panel types (IPS only I think?)
- no budget but not going to buy something obscene and still looking for good value:quality ratio
- will probably buy 2 of them
- sometimes I put monitors in check-in when travelling so the huge ones (40"+ are out), ideal size is unknown probably 27-30' range

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EV Math
  Smuft, Aug 03 2016

Making a spreadsheet to help choose between bet/calling a shove or checking

For visualization purposes (BB to act)

Assumptions made:

Besides the normal assumptions about ranges and equity, we'll also be using "R" for realized equity to help approximate the value of some lines. ie. when we check and get called, there are many different rivers and calculating what we think will happen on each of them is too time consuming so instead we just approximate and say on average we realize X % of our equity

Variables needed:

- equity vs calling range
- equity vs shoving range
- equity vs XB range
- equity vs betting range

- call %
- shove %
- fold %
- XB %
- bet %

- pot
- stack size
- bet size

- R vs calling range
- R vs XB range
- R vs betting range

EV formula for each exit:

(B = Bet, R = Raise, C = Call, X = check, |XD = check down*)
*|XD is where R is used


equity vs shoving range * (pot + stack size) - ((1 - equity vs shoving range) * stack size)


(equity vs calling range * R vs calling range) * (pot + bet size) - ((1 - (equity vs calling range * R vs calling range) * bet size)




(equity vs XB range * R vs XB range) * pot


(equity vs betting range * R vs betting range) * (pot + bet size) - ((1 - (equity vs betting range * R vs betting range) * (bet size)


Overall EV Bet:

(shove % * BRC EV) + (call % * BC EV) + (fold % * BF EV)

Overall EV Check:

(XB % * XX EV) + (XC % * XC EV)

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5b shove EV calc
  Smuft, Apr 08 2016

10$ if you can find a mistake with my math

Formula for reference:
EV of 5bet shove = (Fold equity * pot) + (1 - Fold equity) * equity(pot + "to call" size) - (1 - equity) * 5b shove size

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